Team Values Toolkit
Layout and design for a kit by
Dropbox Design that explores
individual and team values

Research: Jennifer Brook
Art Direction: Gabrielle Matte
Collaboration: Kelly Arce

One of a few kits created to further enrich the design community and help build stronger teams. The goal was to create a unified set of kits that are aligned with the Dropbox brand and reinforce their design principles, while also establishing the parameters for the creation of future kits.

For the Team Values Toolkit, the focus was on achieving a visual hierarchy system based on activity order, as well as effective image treatments. Physical copies of the Team Values Toolkit were printed and assembled for distribution during community events and speaking engagements. 

This project was done as part of a larger initiative by the Dropbox Design team around exploring creative culture.

´╗┐Download the toolkit + view the full list of contributors here!